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There was a dispensation in the winter term if it got very cold, and then most of the boys would wear long trousers.

"Until the middle of the Eighties, children in this country were being fucked and fiddled with every minute of every day, everywhere, all the time, by everyone." We laugh and laugh. "Who around this table can honestly say that they were never interfered with by a teacher, a priest, a scout master, or someone else in loco parentis? But they were short trousers, of very thin grey flannel.

Roberto Viola holds a Doctor degree in Electronic Engineering (Dr.

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“I am a nobody,” said Hank, “just a guy with a family and a job, a middle-America type guy.” Hank wasn’t his real name.

He’d managed to keep that aspect of himself a secret.

On 17 March 2013, Hank was in the audience at a conference for tech developers in Santa Clara when a stupid joke popped into his head, which he murmured to his friend, Alex. “It was about a fictitious piece of hardware that has a really big dongle – a ridiculous dongle. It wasn’t even conversation-level volume.” A few moments earlier Hank and Alex had been giggling over some other Beavis and Butt-head-type tech in-joke about “forking someone’s repo”.

“We’d decided it was a new form of flattery,” Hank explained.

“Any children under the age of 18 who are used for pornographic performances or materials are victims.

Any image or video of child abuse is documented evidence of a crime in process.

As stated by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, there are no circumstances in which using children in pornographic performances and materials is acceptable.

“‘Child pornography’ is a misnomer – the phrase implies that the sexual exploitation of children is subset of a (mostly) legal industry,” says Chief of Child Protection at UNICEF Philippines Sarah Norton-Staal.

Hank thought she was taking a picture of the crowd.

So he looked forward, trying not to mess up her shot.

“A guy had been on stage presenting his new project and Alex said, ‘I would fork that guy’s repo.’” (In tech jargon, to “fork” means to take a copy of another person’s software so you can work on it independently. This is why “forking someone’s repo” works both as a term of flattery and also as sexual innuendo. I think it is a very special sort of hell where you’re compelled to explain to a journalist some terrible throwaway joke you made 10 months earlier and the journalist keeps saying, “I’m sorry.

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