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Following our sternly beautiful guide through the soulless complex, built overtop one of the capital city’s once-vibrant historic neighborhoods, feels like wandering through a less than benign dream. Not just to this “horrible building,” but to Bucharest in the first place?

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I realise that a loudmouth yoke like me telling all and sundry this kind of thing is the height of unmitigated cheek, but sure lookit, who else is best placed to offer this wisdom? They are just as entitled to keep their business under wraps as I am to share mine. When it comes to ‘opening up’ or ‘revealing battles with depression’ or whatever way the media phrases such things when they’re running stories about public figures disclosing what’s going on with them mental health-wise, you don’t owe anybody shit. Your only obligation when dealing with a mental health issue or a crisis is to your own well-being and safety, along with your doctor or other healthcare professional and your immediate family & trusted friends.

Because I’m always sharing my stories about the joys of living with my sketchy mental health adventures, and I know many others who do – but I also know of a lot of people who don’t, and I fully support them wanting to stay below the radar in the midst of all the think-pieces and trending mental health-related topics all over the web.

But there’s a difference between those stepping forward to tackle such issues by talking about them in a public forum, and people feeling like they’re letting the side down by not wanting to go public with their own stuff.

The majority of people dealing with mental health issues are just trying to get through a day at a time. The choice to speak out or not is exactly that – your choice.

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