Annie coggeshall dating colton dixon

“I’ve known that Annie was the one for me for a long time, but God’s timing is always perfect.

Listening to Him and being intentional in our time together and apart as we grew as people was so important. ” Colton performed along with 16 other top Christian artists at this year’s event.

"I've never thought that was my calling - to just sing to church people,'' he said. "Whether they believe in the Lord or Satan doesn't make a huge difference to me as long as they leave encouraged,'' he said. If nothing else, I want to give people hope.'' Dixon's new album, "Identity,'' is due out on March 24, and marks another path in the growth of the artist who first rose to prominence on Season 11 of "American Idol,'' where he finished seventh.

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alum Colton Dixon and longtime girlfriend Annie Coggeshall!

The duo married last Friday in Nashville in the most fairy tale celebrity wedding we've seen this year.

"Being in the studio with these songs was very lighthearted and fun, which is what a lot of people need to hear right now [because] there are a lot of devastating things in the news that shouldn't be happening.'' Dixon described "Identity'' as more pop than rock, and the first single from it, "All That Matters,'' is a testimony - again, pardon the expression - to that.

The album itself is split into a trinity of sorts: "the mind, the body and the spirit.'' It takes listeners on a voyage through the mind, exploring things in this world that are not as they should be and how to right those wrongs, and how to do it physically with the body and mentally and emotionally with the spirit, he said.

Dove Award-winner and "American Idol'' finalist Colton Dixon is part of the Christian music festival Winter Jam Tour Spectacular 2017, which stops at Cleveland State University's Wolstein Center on Sunday, March 12.

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Christian artists have - and you'll pardon the expression - their own particular cross to bear.

It's a Euro-looking tuxedo and it's very tailored to me."See More: Disney Princess Wedding Inspiration Although the singer took his look very seriously he definitely made sure to have After the pair got engaged at Disney World last September it's not surprising at all that they carried the fairy tale vibe into their wedding.

Dixon popped the question with a beautiful square-cut, halo-style diamond ring.

"I do think sometimes, it limits the types of people that will listen if they see a Christian label,'' said "American Idol'' finalist and Dove Award-winning Christian artist Colton Dixon, who is part of the Winter Jam Spectacular 2017 showcase of 10 religious acts stopping at Cleveland State University's Wolstein Center on Sunday, March 12.

"If that happens, it happens,'' said Dixon, calling from a tour stop in Iowa earlier this year. "I'm on a Christian label, but I feel a lot of my songs aren't overly preachy.

Rayvon Owen is making a splash with his post-American Idol debut!

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