Blind dating 2016 sa prevodom online Profil claudio flirt chat date

See full summary » Two brothers get caught up in a bitter battle for honor when they attempt to save their ailing publishing company by having an uncultured but attractive woman pose as the author of an unknown talent's literary masterpiece.

Blind dating 2016 sa prevodom online

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The documentary captures the challenges that these three individuals face when trying to use online dating website platforms or dating apps that are not accessible to blind users.

“When you look at Tinder or or any of the apps that are available, there’s no description of the person.

Saliya je obećavajući mladi student, koji je gotovo potpuno oslijepio dok je bio tinejdžer.

Unatoč tome što mu svi govore da mora biti realističan što se tiče svojih životnih ambicija, on se stalno drži svog sna – on želi raditi u luksuznom hotelu.

In spite of everyone telling him to be realistic about how this limits his life and aspirations, he persistently holds onto his dream of working in a luxury hotel.

Without telling anyone that he cannot see, he unbelievably lands an apprenticeship in the most prestigious hotel in Munich.

So, with these high numbers, filmmakers, Nicole Ellis and Maya Albanese, first set out to tap into this underexposed topic—what is it really like to navigate online dating when you’re blind?

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