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The most disconcerting Standing Rock event was a prayer ceremony held on Tuesday, Nov.

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Do you maybe have any specific real-world historical patriarchal societies you'd like to mirror? This question is too broad, for a this narrow explanation. You're not looking at real life matriarchal societies properly.

Matriarchal societies function quite a bit differently, and men do not have such a great disparity in how their minds work.

Do you mean that men are, in actual fact, more likely than women to be subject to (chemically-facilitated) manipulation and bad decision-making? than women, you won't quite the a mirror of the historical patriarchy.

Women are merchants, men are porters and caravan guards.

What good is it to , as if all the Rochesters in the world reproduced themselves by parthenogenesis. Matriarchy is currently under attack from a whole new kind of custodian of patriarchal history: the archeologist. They would stomp around on precious sites, let oxygen eat up papyrus scrolls, disperse sacred bones, ship stolen loot off to the British Museum, and shine objects up beyond recognition. They revile conjectures about the ideology of the cultures they exhume, and stick to facts, facts, facts, like Gradgrind in . The pretense of archeological objectivity must put a lot of imaginative types off archeology. Crete was matriarchal well into the Bronze Age; Sardinia perhaps still is. And it’s inconceivable that such a belief-system was not accompanied by a social system that reflected it: matriarchy. Some day, bored to death with their fence-sitting colleagues, feminist archeologists will return to musing, return to sifting through the dirt for glimmers of matriarchy, return to Gimbutas. Westray Wifey Identified by Gimbutas, in passing, as another outpost of matriarchy, the Orkney Islands are a bunch of green, gently sloping oases of civilization off the northern tip of Scotland.

In this obstinacy of theirs they ape behavioral scientists, those guys who told us, for as long as we’d listen, that animals have no emotions. It also contributes to the myth that patriarchy always was, and ever will be. As those groovy gals Barbara Love and Elizabeth Shanklin put it forty years ago, “Conditioning us negatively to matriarchy is . There were (and are) matrilineal systems in China too. Pre-Incan Peru was matriarchal, and the Incas held on to many goddesses, including Mamaquilla (moon), Mamacocha (sea), Pachamama (earth), and her daughter Axomama (potato). Many Native American tribes have been matrilineal, and some matriarchal, for a very long time. There are about a dozen larger islands, adjoined by many little holms, or “calves.” My husband Todd and I escaped from England in 2010 to spend a year in Stromness on the Mainland of Orkney (for us, a vast improvement on Canterbury, Kent).How we cling to this itty-bitty stretch of boy time, the last five thousand doom-laden years, punctuated by the much-heralded shift from BC to ADHD. Those fat “Venus” figurines in Malta speak of a happier time, before hippiness was outlawed. To the Neolithic Maltese, the heavy female form represented the bounty of the earth, fertility, and power.For women, wallowing in this bullshit take on history is like clasping an alligator in a flood. Contemporary archeologists are much too scientific (or too pompous) to indulge in that sort of thing. We are made to feel that patriarchy is natural; we are less likely to question it, and less likely to direct our energies to ending it.”[4] Unfortunately for patriarchy, though, its official view of human history just doesn’t chime with the survival, long after Neolithic times, of peripheral pockets of matriarchy in places like Crete, Malta, Sardinia, Iceland, Ireland, and elsewhere, saved (temporarily) by sheer geographical good luck.[5] Mother Goddess-worshipping communities covered much of Northern Europe and the Mediterranean. In such societies nature itself was characterized as female; water, the weather, snakes, frogs, owls, pigs, hedgehogs, butterflies, and even bulls (the shape of bull horns linked them to fallopian tubes) were all part of the vast iconography of womanhood that Gimbutas unraveled. Women probably did the cave paintings too, when they weren’t dancing in spirals through their stone circles. Archeologists like to sneer at Gimbutas, accusing her of subjectivity, wishful thinking, or even lack of evidence (though her research is exhaustive), but the joke’s on them.Authority and ownership may rest in the women, but it is enforced by the men.Most importantly this actually just applies to the elite echelon of women. Due to availability of certain chemical substances that disproportionately affect the male brain, men are perceived as "easily manipulated" and "not to be trusted with important decisions".The Iroquois Confederacy has been a “gyneocracy” since 1000 AD: In our society, women are the center of all things. While we were there, a highly stylized Venus sculpture arrived at Tankerness House Museum in Kirkwall, twenty miles away.

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