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In both cases, children claimed they were trafficked to Amsterdam and abused.

Hedgerow detectives heard allegations that boys were rented out at a VIP brothel, and one Elm Guest House victim said that he was also trafficked to an Amsterdam brothel – where he was abused by a prominent politician.

Entries will be judged by a panel of representatives from the NSW Department of Education, Association of Independent Schools of NSW, NSW Teachers Federation, Catholic Education Commission NSW, the Children's Hospital at Westmead, LEGO, Scholastic, Hi-5 and the FRNSW Commissioner.

The competition is for kids from kindy to year two.

This dragon could breathe fire, but it prefers conversation.

Next to the dragon is a standing Red British mailbox, the first in a series of communication technologies to which the dragon would like to usher you, for each has facilitated the owner’s lifelong effort to investigate, understand, and circulate valuable knowledge of the past.

Instead, a potential romance will blossom in the first round between Bek, from Perth, and Kyle, from Adelaide.

After much flirting across the dinner table, and pressure from their fellow teams, viewers will see the contestants briefly lock lips.

The investigation led them to conclude that "we have only scraped the surface of the paedophile menace in Britain".

can reveal similarities in both investigations – which involved children who claimed they were drugged before being abused, sometimes in a sauna room.

Winners from each category have the opportunity to win an Xbox One from Microsoft, LEGO City packs, and fire safety certificates amongst others.

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