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Erez Ben-Yosef – revealed the 3,000-year-old collection of textiles, which included diverse colors, design and origin, the university announced on Wednesday.

The area of the dig, located between the Dead Sea and Eilat, is believed by some researchers to be the site of King Solomon’s mines.

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According to the Hebrew Bible, King Hezekiah, the 12th king of Judea, was the pious son of a godless father, Ahaz.

Immediately upon succeeding his father on the throne, Hezekiah waged a war on idolatry, ordering all false idols—objects, animals or other deities people worshipped—to be destroyed.

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Now, archaeologists working in the ancient city of Tel Lachish in south-central Israel believe they have uncovered evidence of the king’s war on idols: a towering gate and shrine dating to the eighth century B.

C., when it was likely an important place of meeting and worship.

Waters — who has homes in Sag Harbor and Bridgehampton — is a supporter of a boycott of Israel over the issue of Palestinian rights.

He has likened Israeli treatment of Palestinians to apartheid South Africa, sparking criticism from the pro-Israel lobby.

The gate, now exposed and preserved to a height of four meters (around 13 feet), consists of six chambers, measuring some 80 by 80 feet in total.

Three chambers are located on each side, with the ancient city’s main street running in between them.

In an unprecedented discovery, Tel Aviv University archeologists recently uncovered an extensive collection of ancient fabrics in the Arava Valley dating back to the era of King David, shedding unparalleled light on the historical fashions of the Holy Land.

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