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Grape Smuggler is operated under the direction of industry heavyweight, and Blue Bridge Hospitality beverage director, Greg Majors (NYC: Tom Colicchio’s Craft Restaurant, Robert Bohr’s former CRU, Chef Marco Canora & Sommelier Paul Grieco’s former Insieme).

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A year later he made profession and within three more years was ordained a priest.

Assigned to San Clemente in 1846 by the Master General of the Order, he obtained the degree of Lector in Sacred Theology in 1849 at the Convent of Santa Maria sopra Minerva (Rome).

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The following year, Fr Mullooly became superior of San Clemente and remained so for the rest of his life, two brief periods excepted.

In 1857 he began excavations under the present basilica and within ten years had brought to light a fourth-century Christian basilica and an even earlier level, one that reached back almost to the time of St Clement himself.

P., was born in County Longford (Ireland), on the Feast of St Joseph, 19 March 1812, a son of Gilbert Mullooly, a farmer, and his wife, Bridget Dowd.

In 1840 he set out for Italy, where he entered the Dominican Order on 7 September 1841.

Teil Deine eigenen Erfahrungen mit Ereignissen die für Dich und Menschen in Deiner Umgebung von Bedeutung sind!

Hilf dabei örtliches Wissen und Erfahrungen für die nächsten Generationen zu erhalten, teil Bedenken über derzeitige soziale und politische Ereignisse, und verbinde Dich mit einer internationalen Gemeinschaft.

Open History Project unterstützt Sie interkulturelle Erfahrungen in Ihren Klassenraum zu bringen.

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