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Basically, if you want to add or change outside of the default state of other Word Press themes or child themes, you’re going to need to code…or else hire someone to code for you. Here’s the deal: The traditional Word Press theme and child theme architecture is both limited and outdated.

In order to have total template control without messing with code, you need a new architecture. Thesis blasts through the limitations of the old Word Press template system and brings you total template control with our patent-pending visual template editor. With Thesis, you can pop open the template editor and BOOM—you can make it happen right now.

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Looking at all these popular brands using Word Press, you may be wondering how you can start your own Word Press website.

First you need to make sure that you are choosing the right platform.

It is lacking some features that would make this plugin even cooler.

A list of people in the chat room would be really great, so other users can see who is active in the chat.

All you have to do is install and activate the Chat Room plugin. You will give the user the link to the chat room, which is just like a page.

Upon activation, you will see a new menu option added called Chat Rooms. This plugin has only been out for a few days, so it is still very new.

(And hey, if you’re a hardcore developer like me and still want to add your own code, you can do that, too.

In fact, with the Thesis API, you can do just about anything.) direction when it comes to those options.

Every copy of Thesis comes with the Classic Responsive Skin, which has been meticulously optimized for performance, search engines, mobile devices, and people just like you.

That’s right—after installing Thesis, you’ll have a responsive website that works seamlessly on mobile devices everywhere. There’s a dirty little secret other theme companies don’t want you to know: With the traditional Word Press theme and child theme architecture, the only way to edit templates is to get your hands messy with code.

For private chats, we know some folks use Skype, others use IRC.

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