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Get professional reliable dating software to start your own dating & community site. You get 6 free designs, 17 payment gateways, various communication tools, database importing engine & powerful profile builder with opportunity to build any profile structure & search forms you need.

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PG Dating Pro is an acclaimed dating script for starting or running an independent dating website. Personal profile.1) This is how we approached navigation.

You get access to the source code and a wide range of customisation opportunities, and full control over the users’ info. The main menu — everything that has to do with the search options, site activities and communication — opens in the panel that slides out from the left side when you click the hamburger icon on the top left.

Please contact us in live chat or by email at your convenience. As far as we know all issues mentioned above were resolved, including mobile app.

You can come to our chat or submit a ticket if you still have the issues, our support team will recheck.

Responsive design has been around for quite some time now. When you no longer need it, you can hide the menu panel.

We started working on it thoroughly in early 2015 after we gained a number of requests from our customers and partners, and after it became clear that the search engines favourite websites that work on all devices. This panel shows how much money a user has on their internal account with the site and includes a one-click way to go to the ‘Replenish account’ page.

Successful exploitation of the vulnerability may allow attacker to gain complete control over the vulnerable website, all its users and databases.

1) CSRF in "/admin/ausers/index" The vulnerability exists due to the absence of validation of HTTP request origin in "/admin/ausers/index" script.

Dating Pro is professional dating software to start a community, social dating or matrimonial website.

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