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Hi, I am using lock / lock-facebook (i OS / swift). Now, whenever I try to click sign in via FB again, I get an error: Status: 400 - Bad Request Headers: [ Pragma : no-cache Vary : Accept-Encoding x-fb-rev : 2463280 Content-Length : 177 Date : Sun, GMT x-fb-debug : s Rrr Vv HUm EV57FZt OFuq Ucar/3x0y5 a Hm Vb KKH/Wu0PH2iu Oiu73aobs8P1N0CBcfy I2ASvm M4y Hwr PPa IWn A== Expires : Sat, GMT Cache-Control : no-store x-fb-trace-id : Dw Ej NJCc E4k Content-Encoding : gzip Www-Authenticate : OAuth "Facebook Platform" "invalid_token" "Error validating access token: The user has not authorized application 605455712970605." Content-Type : application/json; charset=UTF-8 Access-Control-Allow-Origin : *]Duration: 0.227444052696228s JSON: Is there some other method we should be using to handle this scenario?

After signing in and having a user with a facebook identity account on auth0, I then went to and deleted the app from the user's account.

We're working on restoring the set of apps that were accidentally disabled. (As people have pointed on the thread.)Sorry about this. I lost 4 apps but this is the most important one as it's integrated with an i OS app in the app store so I can't just create a new app and carry on as I've done for the other apps.

Also, what about when the access token for the user expires anyways after 60 or 90 days?

Here's the code I'm using: I opened a ticket for this 10 days ago and never received a response.

This seems to contradict the part above about storing client secret on user agent. On expiry, this token can be exchanged at the for a new access token.

No refresh token is supplied by the Facebook API under User-Agent flow, meaning you’ll have to ask users to sign in again.

Please do comment on the bug link if you're still having issues.

Anyone at Facebook reading this and have any idea who we can contact to try and get this resolved?A little OT, but I was amazed at the number of columns and amount of data in the User table. At first I thought that would be a tremendous amount of overhead to get that much data every time you want to query a simple user attribute...? The problem is, I want to post something in user wall while he uses my app throught a mobile api, for example.But, on second thought, they probably store the entire User table in some gigantic memory cache. Great episode When last month fb revoked the offline-access token perms, I had several rework in my apps. Somebody has an example? If the accesstoken user stored when he logged first time expire, how did you manage this case?Facebook doesn't allow this, for better or worse (probably to maintain control and to prevent spam).The above functionality of helping a user find their Facebook friends on your app can still be accomplished, but it requires that both users go through the trouble of connecting their Facebook accounts to your app. Fortunately, I found that Omni Contacts enables a user to import their email contacts directly to your app: Thanks for this episode. I clean installed Mountain Lion, installed Rails Installer and now when I follow this tutorial, I get this: Faraday:: Error:: Connection Failed SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=SSLv3 read server certificate B: certificate verify failed i get this on the very next page after the user signs up using fb using the oauth fb video tutorial here (and devise oauth).I can't subscribe to the bug because I'm suddenly not a developer. All of the accounts and apps should now be restored.

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