How long were justin timberlake and cameron diaz dating

-- which reunited former flames Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz.

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She gushed that her ex (they parted ways in late 2006 after over 3 years together) is "a genius comedian. "[Just] two people who were working together, who just so happened to have gone out with one another at another time in our lives," said the star.

PHOTOS: Justin's many women "It really wasn't a big deal, we had a great time and did the job, and we do what all actors do afterward: We all go our separate ways.

She smells sweet, like a meadow and, as ever, she's fantastically funny. "But then, I really like all the things guys like, too."What, baseball and masturbation? "And I can be grumpy but that usually has to do with someone sticking a f**king camera in my face when I'm trying to buy my groceries.

With quality time to spend we decide upon the dream date: dim sum in China Town; an art gallery, maybe the MOCA [Museum Of Contemporary Art]; coffee in some funky neighbourhood then a drive around a few lesser-known pockets of LA, her hometown. But that, I'm afraid, is how this town has become."Do you intend to leave LA?

After more than a decade - and 30 movies - as Hollywood's most lustrous leading lady, Cameron Diaz towers over Tinseltown. ""Only because you're driving like a lunatic, darling." "Sum yung gai?

Adrian Deevoy rides shotgun as the local girl done (extremely) good talks fast on the American dream, the dating game and going 'bi-coastal' nother highly illegal manoeuvre," laughs Cameron Diaz, pulling a savage U-turn into an unsuspecting LA side street. " she says, switching inexplicably to Chinese and implying, implausibly, that her passenger is in some way homosexual. "You could be forgiven for believing this was a scene from her latest knockabout romcom wherein Cameron's character bumps into an old flame from London and takes him out for a date in LA... But no, this is a verbatim exchange as we set out to lunch in Cameron's celebrated Prius hybrid, on a honeyed Californian morning sometime in between Valentine's Day and the Oscars."This is going to be fun," she promises and with a surge of planet-friendly power, we are off. "I'm going to get a place in New York," she nods, affecting an exaggerated intellectual tone. I feel I can have a life in New York, which is something that has become more of a task in Los Angeles.But not without a frankly smutty start."Ooh, that's huge," she gasps as I struggle to fit my old analogue tape recorder into the car's dash. You're never going to get it into my tiny...""Enough with the double entendres, woman. Unbeknown to her at 22, the tongue-lolling comedy would turn her world on its head. You get treated the same as everyone else in New York.Do you think Jessica Biel has reason to worry about her husband’s relationship with his famous ex-girlfriend?2003 - 2006Justin and Cameron were together for three years before they called it quits.Why is it that with every actress in a relationship, it's like, ' Oh, well, you're with that person because you want to get married and have a baby'? We have, in fact, ended our romantic relationship, and have done so mutually and as friends, with continued love and respect for one another." "We're friends [now], so it's okay. I think what you want is for the person that you care about to be happy. I think we both are, so it's easy for us to see each other. It's not a big deal." "I love how people just expect when people break up to hate each other, but you know...we're still in each other's lives.

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