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Zoom in on the Isle of Man and previously recorded videos show as blue dots whilst live video shows as red dots. If you don’t want to use the apps then there are links to a couple of accounts further down the page that will allow you to watch in your standard computer web browser.

Read More Situated at the Bungalow on the world famous Mountain Course this webcam looks in a northerly direction.

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Spectators around the circuit and at other attractions may or may not decide to share their vantage point with the wider world, if they do then it’s really simple to watch.

Download the Periscope app for your Android/Apple phone or table, use the Globe icon to search for cameras by location.

The Gerlach water tower is on the right and Bruno’s is across the street.

If you had x-ray vision and a good telescope, you’d be able to see where Black Rock City rises from the dust every year.

Balla hopes the site will provide entertainment as well as education for prospective owners or cavy connoisseurs alike.

He receives about 30 to 40 e-mails each day from people with questions about guinea pigs and addresses the most common ones in a column entitled “Ask Hammy.”Balla is still happily bewildered by the site’s popularity.“I thought would be cool to show people what guinea pigs look like,” he says.

Have you ever wondered what your pets do when you’re not home?

Portland resident Brian Balla did, so when the web designer had to take a sudden trip to the East Coast in 2009, he set up four live webcams so he could keep an eye on his cavies.

That, unfortunately, was not the case.”Now the world can watch the adventures of Hammy, Feebee, Buttercup, and Dot on a 24-7 live guinea pig webcam (the world’s only, according to Balla) on Happy

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