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But I've spent my life as a sports journalist, and alright, you get little tips on how to tidy up your copy from the sub-editor, but I've never come in for that much s**t for my job before."And it was a really difficult time for me personally - I had a very good friend who had passed away a week before I flew out to Austria.

I remember writing an obituary the same night as I was looking at the script for the first show."Brooker continued: "I think people forget that when they see you on television, it's not like the camera's gone on and I'm doing what I want.

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By impelling customers to log in to their DJI accounts and activate the latest firmware for their drones, the company will be able to sync up each device with the specific regulations of the country where it's being operated.

(Note: Customers in China, where DJI is headquartered, won't be required to go through this new activation process.) Meanwhile, the consequences for not activating the drone through DJI's website are tough but fair.

While the Great Cannon’s ability to target and potentially take down websites is worrying enough, it’s also possible that the technology could be tweaked in order to plant malware in millions of computers communicating with vulnerable Chinese servers, according to Tech Crunch.

Those familiar with Edward Snowden’s revelations may remember that the US already has this capability through the formerly top-secret NSA program QUANTUM.

China has acquired a powerful new weapon in its efforts to strictly control internet access and content. 10 by Citizen Lab, a research group at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs.

It sheds more light on the recent distributed denial-of-service (DDo S) attacks against popular programming site Git Hub, and the nonprofit site Great, which replicates websites already blocked by Chinese censors.

Unlike the US government, which attempted to keep the existence of QUANTUM a secret, China does not seem particularly concerned with hiding this newest addition to its censorship arsenal.

This brazenness both confuses and concerns the researchers at Citizen Lab.

If you don't, DJI will turn your drone into a lame hunk of plastic that barely flies.

This is actually a really responsible move on DJI's part.

Read more → ~ by Rick Langenberg ~ In a new board shake-up, long-time resident and business owner Merry Jo Larsen has been elected as the president of the Woodland Park Saddle Club.

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