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Fines, booting, and towing charges are the responsibility of the person named on the campus registration.The owner or operator will be responsible for an unregistered vehicle.Driving and parking on campus is a privilege, not a right.

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In addition to these rules, all driving and parking regulations of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code apply on campus roadways and may be enforced by local police departments.

It is your responsibility to know and abide by all rules and regulations; unfamiliarity with them will not alleviate your responsibility to obey them.

It allows the bearer a freedom of living in the Republic of Lebanon without any immigration requirements, participate in the Lebanese political system, entry to and exit from the Republic of Lebanon through any port, travel to and from other countries in accordance with visa requirements, facilitates the process of securing consular assistance abroad from the diplomatic missions and consulates of the Republic of Lebanon if necessary, and requests protection for the bearer while abroad.

Lebanese passport booklets are valid for travel by Lebanese citizens anywhere in the world to countries with which the government of the Republic of Lebanon maintains diplomatic ties although travel to certain countries and/or for certain purposes may require a visa and the Republic of Lebanon itself restricts its citizens from traveling to or engaging in commercial transactions in certain countries against the internal and external safety of the republic.

Tuesdays at the Schuylkill Haven Center, 340 Haven St., Schuylkill Haven.

Call ahead if attending for the first time; schedules & locations subject to change.

Bitakat Al Hawiya); French: Carte D'identité) is conclusive (and not just prima facie) proof of Lebanese citizenship, and has the same force and effect as proof of Lebanese citizenship as certificates of naturalization or of citizenship, if issued to a Lebanese citizen for the full period allowed by law.

The Lebanese law does not prohibit Lebanese citizens from holding passports of other countries, though they are required to use their Lebanese passport to enter and leave the country.


Residents of Lebanon County who are unable to get to a library due to long or short term disability can register for Lebanon County Libraries’ Books To Go program.

Use them at checkout just as you would cash, check, or credit card.

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