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Polyamory helps me do that without putting all my needs on my husband.'She said they first brought up the subject after moving in together aged 18 when they came across the question 'how do you feel about monogamy?

' in a magazine survey and they both selected the answer 'it's an unrealistic expectation.'She said smartphones have been a 'huge blessing' to people in more than one relationship: 'It's so much easier to make people feel like they're part of your day by sending a quick hello text or a picture of something that reminded you of them that helps keep them close to you even as you have a separate life.' Lisa said both her and her husband had many dependency issues at the start of their relationship and having multiple partners has highlighted that they need to be independent.

She checks with him first before she dates another man and he asks her directly if he can have sex with another woman.

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For a period of six months, she decided, she'd date both her boyfriend his girlfriend.

"It was very clear what the hierarchy was, but he called us both his 'girlfriends,'" she says.

The expiration date on this experiment was crucial: "I didn't want to be obsessing every day whether it worked for me, because that's a recipe for unhappiness." At the end of the six months, she'd assess.

I’d better begin by saying that I don’t own a television set, not even for watching movies and I haven’t had cable service for nearly twenty years.

This is a change from the way polyamorous people were forced to use the site before, often describing their dating situation in their individual profile, or creating a profile that would represent the couple together.

Jimena Almendares, Ok Cupid’s chief product officer told that before, "The poly-couple profile could only select one gender, for example, and its profile photo would feature two people.

She said they do not want the kind of relationship where they 'police' each other.

When her husband was involved with a woman who was 'the exact opposite' of her she was 'really uncomfortable'.

In her second open relationship, her boyfriend already had a serious girlfriend.

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