Porn chat room no sign up - Sirius updating mazda

This can be done any time after AM EDT, October 11th, by following the simple instructions below.

My OEM Sirius on my 07 4dr GT displays Updating Updating Updating constantly when SAT is selected, it is froze there. I called Sirius, they said they updated today and tried several things like key on off, door open close, start enging stop. Sirius said I have to go the dealer for a Hard Reset of the Radio. I just got off the phone with Sirius - on hold for an hour and talked to two reps.* Sirius is upgrading their system - factory installed units may be frozen for the day.* Should be clear by 1900 eastern.

This procedure will reestablish the customers satellite radio services after AM Eastern Time Wednesday October 11th, 2006. Ensure vehicle has full view of the open sky, with no over head blockage of the satellites overhead. Once we send this update signal, you will need to reset your radio in order to restore your SIRIUS service.

As a reminder, the problem is not with the SIRIUS broadcast, but is a software issue related to radios in the following vehicles: MAZDA3 MAZDA5 Mazda MX-5 Mazda CX-7 Mazda and SIRIUS engineers have identified a way to temporarily restore your service by sending a special update signal to your radio.

Go Online or Call: You can also refresh radios by visiting our online refresh site at or by calling Sirius XM Dealer Support at 1-800-852-9696.

Find the radio ID by turning to Channel 0 or visiting

I called my local Chrysler dealer - longtime all-Chrysler dealer, well-respected - and they transferred me from person to person and then to "if anyone knows, he would" - and he had never heard of such a thing. Disconnect the vehicles battery for ten minutes (then reconnect) before calling Sirius to reconnect again. If that doesn't work have the system diagnosed, you may need a new antenna or receiver.

Has something changed since 2007 that means that our receiver is incompatible with present-day Sirius XM signals? If that is the case an aftermarket system may be less expensive.

Sirius XM™ service is subscription-based, where subscribers pay a monthly fee. If your Mazda is equipped with Sirius XM, you will automatically receive a free 6-month trial.

To continue your subscription after the complimentary trial, you can do so in 3 easy steps: Tune your radio on the Sirius XM™ band to channel 0 (zero) and take down your 8-digit Radio ID. You will need your billing information ready, including a credit card number and expiry date. Ensure your vehicle is parked outside with an unobstructed view of the sky.

If a vehicle radio is not active, follow the pre-owned activation instructions.

PRE-OWNED VEHICLESFactory Installed: Refresh the radio 48 hours after the vehicle is placed into inventory, or any time prior to delivery.

I called Mazda, they said this is done by disconnecting the battery for a minute. I have left the battery disconnect for now and will for a few hours. There was supposed to be an e-mail go out (I didn't get one).* And all of tech support is supposed to know (Apparently, the signal sending fools are not part of tech support - the one I talked to first didn't know).* Luckily, she sent me to product support which is tech and they knew.

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