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On mobile browsers it will require only the Skype App installed.This is the HTML code for the website: SKYPE CALL Source: Skype URI API for the Web: API: https:// It is only possible to start the locally installed Skype-client on the visitors computer from your website. These answers are old and not relevant at the moment.

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You should see a Skype™ Web Messenger sidebar right side of the Firefox interface.

Please login Skype™ to start using Skype™ Web Messenger.

New York Chat with local strangers without registration.

New York Chat Room helps you find new singles at in.

You can choose your language settings from within the program.

If you don’t know someone’s e-mail address you can’t add them.

No, you cannot embed Skype chat in your website by the time this post is done.

But these are some resources that might be useful: This is the official site for creating a Skype button in your website for chat or call: https:// But I will have to advise that your visitors require Skype Software installed and it's correspondent extension installed.

Hip Chat integrates with the services your team uses everyday.

Get notifications and stay up-to-date with services like JIRA, Bitbucket, Git Hub, Asana, Google, and over 200 more.

Skype provides an api for this: And here you'll find a Skype URI Tutorial: What you're looking for is a live support chat. Using the unofficial Node JS API for skype, one can embed the newer cloud based chat groups.

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