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I’m lining up books for the next 12 months, and I know you’re a book-reading bunch (that’s how you found me, right? So if you have some must-reads that would fit in the above categories, please share them in the comments!

Many people plausibly substitute the word life for the word energy since the essential difference between the two words is so subtle that it eludes all but the semanticist.

Each term is vital to developing an accurate understanding of the energy theory as it applies to the body.

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The majority of foreigners staying in Thailand are not able to speak even basic Thai.

The only real challenge during the beginning of your Thai language studies is to getting used to the five tones (low, mid, high, falling and rising) as well as to the other two elements of pronouncing words correctly: the vowel length and the pronunciation of the final consonant.

The other group of foreigners that do want to make some effort on learning Thai fail simply because they have trouble in finding a suitable learning method.On my personal blog, I wrote capsule reviews and ratings of about 100 of those, categorized into the following 5 headings. global warming, mass extinction, the distraction crisis. MIND-BLOWING: My reaction after reading these books was “Holy cow that was amazing,” whether due to content, style or both. MORE: These are the books didn’t quite fit the categories above.Many of them would also fall under the “Important” or “Loved it! Click here to take a look at the list and the reviews.They realized that health was maintained when the energy within the body was balanced and that disease occurred when there was energy depletion or weakness.Energy is a dynamic force, in constant flux, which circulates throughout the body.This invariably applies to those functions or activities that are not conspicuously perceptible; for example, the metabolic processes within each single cell could not be accomplished without energy to sustain those functions.

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