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As most news reports will inform you, the clashes stem from demarcating the disputed border regions, the amount South Sudan should pay to use Sudan’s oil pipeline of Sudan, Abyei region claim, accusations of supporting rebel groups and the difficult situation of refugees on both sides.

In addition to these, there is the complicated and rich historical context these disputes take place in…Despite the UN call to end the fighting and with peace talks that have ensued, in May there was continued bombing in certain border regions of the South Sudan and Sudan border areas to the outrage of the international community.

The United Nations refugee officials say more people are arriving in Uganda on a daily basis while the country has difficulty providing them with ample food and shelt...

On the 12 July after the violence first erupted, MSF started running mobile clinics, which have now provided care to more than 21,000 people.

Initially, the teams were providing care for gunshot wounds and injuries sustained as people fled the fighting.

The year 2012 saw a sharp increase in violence and fighting in South Sudan.

The month of April saw the height of it, with all round fears of a full blown war between South Sudan and Sudan.

Amongst those injured were children as young as two who had been shot when armed men broke into their homes.

The teams also noticed people coming for treatment for physical symptoms that were the result of the mental trauma they had endured.President Robert Mugabe has kicked off a nationwide series of rallies to drum up support from youths ahead of 2018 election, and South Sudan Rebel leader Riek Machar tells UN that SA has been "hospitable".South Sudan rebel leader Riek Machar, who has been in South Africa since last year, has told the UN that the SA government has been "hospitable", but he wishes to be released "from confinement and detention", a statement says.Before closing the clinics in late August, our teams were mostly seeing people in need of treatment for everyday health concerns, albeit ones that reflect the underlying fragility of people’s health.The majority of consultations were for malaria, skin infections, stomach problems, respiratory tract infections, malnutrition and diarrhoea.Outside they went and first I wiped them down with a liquid sander.

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