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If your administrator has set up your library to receive e-mail, you can even add a file to the library by sending the file as an attachment to an e-mail message.

You can create a new file from within a library, if you plan to use a program that is compatible with Windows Share Point Services 3.0, such as Microsoft Office Word 2007.

The type of file that you can create depends on the template or templates that your site owner or administrator associates with the library.

If you have problems opening Office files and documents in Share Point document libraries, here are some suggestions to help you fix them.

For a picture library, you must create the file in another program and then add it to the library.

You can create a folder in a picture library or any other type of library, unless your library restricts the creation of folders.

If you're specifically having problems using Open with Explorer or View in File Explorer, see Open with Explorer and Explorer view.

To find the version of Share Point you're using, see Which version of Share Point am I using? To get the version of Office you're using, see What version of Office am I using? Note: If you upgraded from an earlier version of Office to Office 2013 or Office 2016 on your computer, you might still have older versions of some programs like Visio and Project.

The ribbon has been replaced with a trim command bar, which provides intelligent commands relevant to the tasks at hand.

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