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This is the dramatic moment one of the Queen's Guards scared off a dancing tourist outside St James's Palace by shouting at him: 'Haw!

Get yersel' away.'The soldier, who is thought to be part of the Scots Guard regiment, yelled the command in broad Scottish slang leaving viewers baffled.

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We are Answer is always “maybe”Whenever you invite him to do something far in advance, his answer is always “maybe.” He doesn’t say, “Because I may have a work thing” or give an excuse. If this only happens occasionally, you may not have to worry.

But if it happens Sex is sporadic Men are humans too. Your guy might go in and out of feeling okay about sleeping with you.

At the beginning of the video - which has racked up thousands of views - a man can be seen dancing on the spot outside the royal palace in London.

Suddenly one of the guards in the background wearing a distinctive bearskin hat and grey winter tunic shouts at the tourist ordering him to stop.

) once said that if you’re not offending anybody, you’re doing it wrong. The worst thing to do with fear is pretend it’s not there. You might be afraid of poverty, of humiliation, of never finding happiness, but you’re not afraid your business will fail.

I had no less than five snarky emails in my inbox before the damn post hit people’s feed readers. That was very nice of you.) Anyway, somebody else (Chuck Norris? When I got those emails, I was not exactly delighted. I have to hang out, being afraid, and going about my business anyway. I got pregnant at 17 with a man who wasn’t exactly my soul mate. I’m afraid that if we move to the city, I will be happy and Jamie will not.

If you think you’re afraid your business will fail, you’re not.

(The dream, not the fatal illness.) I’m afraid that if I tell anyone that fear, then I will jinx myself and the fear will come true.

Commenters have applauded the guard, above left, for telling the man, above right to stop dancing with one saying: 'Those Guards are the first line of defence for the Crown and they see thousands of very strange people haunting London every year''This one yelled "get yersel' away ...

Or in Scottish military parlance: "f*** off and turn the camera off".

After a fabulous date when he feels really close to you and has forgotten about the other women, he may want to sleep with you.

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