Who is kid rock dating now in 2016

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One shirt simply reads 'Gods, Guns and Trump' while another features a picture of the president-elect with the seemingly misspelled name 'Onald Trump'.

Underneath it then reads: 'The D is missing because it's in every hater's mouth'.

But many were quick to criticize Ritchie's apparel, calling it divisive after an especially vicious presidential campaign.'@Kid Rock Even if I was a Trump supporter, which I'm not, I wouldn't wear that,' wrote a user named Dan. America need the heal not divide.' 'you see Kid is 1 of the best when it comes to supporting the troops but your boy Dump calls POW losers & sufferers of PTSD weak,' she wrote when explaining to one Trump supporter why she was so disgusted with the shirts.

Kanye West Goes Off on Wiz Khalifa Kanye West went on one of his most memorable rants ever in January, when he went IN on rapper Wiz Khalifa over the course of 17 tweets.

A third shirt boasts a map of how the country voted in the election.

The red states are labeled 'The United States of America' while the blue states are dubbed 'Dumbf**kistan'.West called the "See You Again" rapper's first single "corny as f*ck", claimed no one ever listened to any of Khalifa's albums "all the way through," but also gave him a backhanded compliment on his style."I think you dress cool, I wish I was skinny and tall," West tweeted.April 29 / Paramount Theatre / Asbury Park, NJ Notes: It was such an unlikely occurrence that it seemed not only improbable but well nigh impossible that Bruce Springsteen would make an unannounced appearance on an Asbury Park stage on two successive nights.It was unlikely even in the mid-'80s, when he was out and about on what seemed like a weekly basis.Trump supporters just got an early Christmas gift from Kid Rock, who has released a new line of apparel for the president-elect's biggest fans.

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