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During her time on the series, she appeared in the film Where the Boys Are '84.

Hartman recorded four solo albums between 19 – two for Kirshner Records, one for RCA Records and one for Atlantic Records.

“Well, go get that rock that your birth certificate’s carved on and let’s get this over with,” was how Marty Stuart proposed to Connie Smith.

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Editor’s Note: CMT will air three episodes of Country Couples over Valentine’s Day weekend, featuring the stars Charlie and Emily Robison, Richie Mc Donald and Lorie Ellis, and Marty Stuart and Connie Smith.

When you think about many of country’s couples, you may think they seem perfect.

Her character engaged in romances with the characters played by Ted Shackelford and Michael Sabatino.

Hartman was popular with audiences, and when Ciji was murdered off-screen in 1983, there was a public uproar.

It was the country artist's first headline show back home following a record year that had made him a household name. He found the crowds of people who had gathered backstage to greet him exciting but overwhelming.

He was not looking for love."I'm in my hometown and there are 100 people waiting to meet me," says Black. I had been dealing with that out on the road but it wasn't natural for me.

"I used to be pretty judgmental back then," he says.

Then they had dinner together — and afterward both were convinced that something important had happened.

“As far as spirit and spunk and just get-up-and-go-for-it, Connie’s a younger person than I am,” he says, regarding the accusations.

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