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‘Jenson and Jessica did not have any financial arrangement before their marriage,’ a source told the publication.

In 2011, Pan was awarded Best Actor for Endless Love (愛∞無限) at the 46th Golden Bell Awards, Taiwan's equivalent to the Emmy Awards.

In recent years, Pan ventured into the business world. C (New Project Center) which he collaborated with Chinese host Nic Li, in Shanghai.

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It was deleted immediately and she uploaded another one with a heart over his name. Doris clarified through her manager last Saturday that she did meet Wilber in New York.'Our mutual friend got married in the States, so we met at the banquet. Wilber foot the bill in advance and it was split among the rest of us.'The 30-year-old also explained she wanted to avoid questions on her relationship status and causing any inconvenience to Wilber, so she deleted the photos.

Doris insisted they were good friends and emphasised she is currently single.

Pan's business interests extends into streetwear fashion and developing of mobile games. He is also the co-founder and chief creative officer of software company Camigo Media which develops popular mobile games such as "Fish Off", "Pig Rockets" and "Me Want Bamboo 2", that has achieved over 20 million downloads to date.

Pan was born in West Virginia, United States but moved to Taiwan at the age of seven.

El objetivo principal de estas producciones es hacer felices a las personas.

"Miss No Good" tells the story of an unattractive girl named Jiang Xiao Hua (Rainie Yang), a jewelry store owner with no sense of style.

At China’s 2015 Domestic Television Series Awards Ceremony, the organizers deliberately sat two popular male television stars — Hu Ge and Wallace Huo — next to each other to hype up their friendship.

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