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Once an infected ATM recognizes the master card in the reader, it will display a Trojan dialogue box.

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Instead, it can run as a secondary shield against e-threats by pairing it with the real-time guard of another av product, since there will be no software conflicts leading to OS stability issues. It can be either saved in any part of the hard disk or stored on a pen drive to directly run regular checkups on other PCs without any installers.

Since there is no setup involved, there are two ways to deal with Dr. What's more, the app does not modify Windows registry settings.

It is noteworthy that in order to maintain confidentiality, ATM manufacturers employ a special technology that facilitates the encrypted transmission of PIN codes entered into ATMs, and the encryption key is regularly updated from the bank's server. Skimer.18 bypasses this protection and uses the ATM's software to decrypt PIN codes.

As in earlier versions of similar Trojans, specifically designed master cards are used to control the program.

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Since ATMs do not feature a fully functional PC keyboard, the Trojan uses the XFS interface to intercept encrypted PIN-pad input and displays the entered data in its window. Skimer.18 can "cure" an infected ATM, display statistics on stolen data, delete the log file, restart the ATM, change its operation mode or update itself (or just the malicious library) by running the appropriate application from the master card's chip.

The hardware indicators, the reader and the process indicator on the screen are used to show that updating is in progress.

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